To the north from Hron river

To the north from Hron river

Being the main subject of the activities and duties of our organization, art and culture will be the core of our project, that will return us to the original traditions and values. We will build replica of old Slavic wooden settlement, learn traditional crafts and make cultural and historical performances. During the EVS project the volunteers will participate in several festivals, theatre performances and filmmaking, some of which they will be able to organize themselves.

Second main subject of our organization is protection of natural environment and development of regional tourism, that will make the locality more attractive to public.

The project will take place on ranch, that is located 2 km from the village of Železná Breznica, Slovakia. The ranch is located in the beautiful countryside amidst mountains. The ranch has been founded in 1997 and it consists of the main building, that was reconstructed and modernly equipped. We have 18 horses, 2 cats and a dog.

Project starts
1. Mar 2014
Project ends
29. Feb 2016
Project length
24 months
17 - 30 years

In the project “To the north from Hron river” we plan to host 2 volunteers long term – 12 months.

Subjects: Unknown

The volunteers activities are focused on improving skills in area of traditional crafts and technologies, protection of natural environment, artistic creation and organization of cultural events. The main activities are focused on preparation of grounds, scenes and props for historical movie production.

List of the planned activities and tasks

  • Building the replica of the old Slavic wooden settlement and various artifacts
  • Traditional crafts
  • Archeological research
  • Natural environment protection
  • Courses of planting, growing and harvesting plants in the nature and garden.
  • Organization of the public workshops
  • Preparation of cultural events
  • Administrative work and processing of the photography and film material

Cooperation and new experience of young people from different countries can lead to mutual understanding and to self-discovery. This cooperation is at the same time big contribution to our project, as well as unforgettable experience for young volunteers and for our organization.



Mihaela Fejzulahi


EVS duration
06.11.2014 – 05.11.2015


Valters Predelis


EVS duration
28.03.2015 – 31.01.2016

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