On the footsteps of history

On the footsteps of history

Our desire for creative cooperation with the young people leads us to creating a project “On the footsteps of history”, in which the volunteers, from different countries take part. In the project focus on disadvantaged young people with few opportunities, or with economical or geographical obstacles. In the present it is complicated to get employed in the field of art, culture and natural environmental protection. Our goal is to support young people, that by means of informal education and obtaining new practical experiences, they will find occupation in field of their interest. Second main subject of the project is protection of natural environment and development of regional tourism. We believe that through EVS project and volunteers activities we will be able to contribute to improvement and popularizing of this region.

At the same time, our goal is to guide volunteers to the healthy lifestyle. Majority of the project takes place on the farm – “Hradisko Železná”, that is located in the beautiful countryside amidst mountains and mixed forests. Many activities take place in the open nature, such as building replica of old Slavic wooden settlement, permaculture, removing of illegal dump, cleaning and building tourist and horse routes, taking care of horses and riding lessons.

Project starts
1. May 2015
Project ends
30. Apr 2017
Project length
24 months
18 - 30 years

In the project “On the footsteps of history” we plan to host 5 volunteers:

  • 3 volunteers – long term – 12 months
  • 2 volunteers – 6 months

Subjects: creation and culture, natural environment and climate change.

List of the planned activities and tasks

  • Building the replica of the old Slavic wooden settlement and various artifacts
  • Traditional crafts
  • Archeological research
  • Natural environment protection
  • Courses of healthy lifestyle, planting, growing and harvesting plants in the nature and garden.
  • Organization of the public workshops
  • Preparation of cultural events
  • Administrative work and processing of the photography and film material



Ilija Vlajic


EVS duration
02.03.2016 – 01.09.2016


Igor Frolov


EVS duration
04.01.2016 – 03.01.2017


Inese Trautmane


EVS duration
07.03.2016 – 07.09.2016


Šimon Gregor

Czech republic

EVS duration
01.07.2015 – 31.08.2015


Inna Demianko


EVS duration
01.07.2016 – 28.08.2016

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