European voluntary service

  • What: meaningful projects, in abroad organizations funded through EU grant
  • For whom: young person, 17-30 years old, from disadvantaged conditions
  • Activities: youth, kids, office, nature, sport, art, media, …
  • Where: entire Europe and other countries of the world
  • Duration: 2 to 12 months, usually 6 to 12 months
  • Costs: funding through grant, no other expenses
  • Grant Erasmus+: accommodation, food, pocket money, insurance, language courses, travel allowance


Aim of the program is to teach new things and get priceless experience in form of informal education.

Just 3 simple steps

  1. Reach out to abroad organization from the database of volunteering opportunities or database of EVS-accredited organizations.
  2. Persuade them, that you are a suitable candidate.
  3. Set a term, when you will get into the program.

Centaurus, c.a. is a sending organization

European Voluntary Service (EVS) allows people to participate in interesting projects abroad funded through EU grant. Participants do not pay any fees, except for travel expenses (in case they are not fully covered from grant) It’s simple. There are three parties involved in the project: you, hosting organization and sending organization. Hosting organization, is the one in which you will act as a volunteer. The sending organization will dispatch you to the project. Centaurus, c.a. has accreditation as a sending organization, and it can dispatch you to the project (no registration is required).

How to find a project?

There are 2 databasesdatabase of volunteering opportunities and database of organizations.

Find EVSEVS vacancy are examples of Facebook groups with current volunteering opportunities.


  • Money: accommodation and food are secured, pocket money is 55 – 145€ / month depending on the country
  • Office of Labour: we advise you to be on the Jobseekers Register in duration of the project, but there is no need to prove that you are actively seeking a job, while being part of the project abroad
  • Health Insurance: it is necessary to have European Health Insurance Card
  • 2 of us want to come: to place two friends or a couple to the same project is not easy, you need to persuade the hosting organization, that it is a good decision
  • I will be 30 years old: no problem, the day of submitting application you cannot be 31 years old

Contact information


Martin Androvič

project coordinator

Phone: +421 902 615 272

Personal appointments at Lesná 1, Banská Bystrica.