Dragon festival

Dragon festival

The western and eastern cultures describe the dragon in many forms. All the mythology or traditions are different in the whole world, although the symbolis of dragon is same everywhere. The main idea of DRAGON FESTIVAL is building relationships between Asia and central European culture, beacuse in these cultures has symbolism of dragon significant position.

In 2008 Centaurus c.a. cooperated in the event Spectaculum Ignis – Theatre of Fire in Banská Štiavnica. Author and executive director of project was Peter Današ. The major part of the program was torchlight parade, which created a lively form of a dragon.

DRAGON FESTIVAL follow up on the event Spectaculum Ignis – Theatre of Fire, particularly in the presentation of different cultures and their dragons.

Our project was in the exhibition of Slovak companies in Ningbo – China, June 2014.

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