Centaurus, c.a.

Centaurus, the Civic Association was founded in December 2008 as a cultural, artistic andenvironmental organization, in which people with like-minded interests have met each other. Our cluster consists of artists, filmmakers, photographers, actors, aswell as historians and people supporting the development of culture and the environment.

„Centaurus“ is the Latin name of the Greek mythological creature that is half a man and half a horse. This symbiosis expresses the main idea of our organization and the connection of man, nature and history.

The aim of our organization is through various activities and art forms to support the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage, natural values and traditions of our region. Our intention is to create new opportunities and giving space to young people because it is in young people, the unbridled courage and passion that is so characteristic of the Centaurs. At the same time we work with professionals and enthusiasts who are interested in creative work, development of new attitudes and goals.

We support activities that build regional and cross-border partnerships in the field of culture, environment, regional development and new forms of education.

Centaurus c.a., organizes and participates in workshops, historical views and performances which consist in return to original traditions and crafts.

Currently Centaurus c.a. is focusing on finding the common roots that connect us as the nations in Europe. In recent years, discoveries and new findings show that Slovakia, which is located in the center of Europe, was the crossroads of migration of peoples. Our organization is devoted to this subject, but also many others in film production in the form of publicity, copyright, documentaries and feature films.

An itegral part of our organization is the Ranch at Železná Breznica where most of our activities are realized.